When I was fifty-nine... it was a very good blog....

> Better than Flickr, probably.

Oh, wow... once upon a time... semi-big Flickr presence. That was a painful account to cancel thinking back to all the time I spent uploading photos back in times when that wasn't nearly as easy/fast.

> It is a mail/parcel black hole. Instead of never getting > any mail, that address gets ALL the mail. Like the opposite > of being off the grid. Or maybe in a postal sense, I died > there. As did the neighbor before me. And our mail will > show up at that address for the rest of time? Like the > friggin' twins from The Shining: “Deliver mail to us, > Danny. Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever.”

Definitely sounds like this world to me.

Pretty pleasant day off work: ran a couple work jobs for some managerial brownie points; organized some stuff around the house; put up a couple shelves; applied for another job (and I'm damned proud of one of the sentences in the cover letter...).

Last I looked, we're due another 6” to 7” of snow tonight.

That's fine here with the gasoline-powered snow blower. But the electric at the other place best prepare for some serious feelings of inadequacy.