When I had just a blog (I had just a blog) and the write.as called my name (I had just a blog)

> I read this out of a desire to get a more finely-grained > picture of the recession of the Black Freedom Movement in > the 1970s, and what came after.

I'm still not understanding how including the color of a person's skin in a statement as though that skin color is significant (Why else mention it if it isn't?) isn't racist, because racists are people to whom skin color matters.


Wonderful day in progress. A little breezier, but still beautiful outside. Having turned the corner on the property improvements, I was able to address/resolve a lot of other matters, including throwing away a lot of no longer relevant paperwork. The way things are going, I just might wind up organized before June – the month, not the glorious actress who played mom in “Lost In Space” all those years ago – is in the books.

Dealing with what I'm so far calling a “repetitive stress situation” in the right hand. The pain is less than yesterday, but I'm definitely going to need a week of doing as little as possible with it – which is not in the cakewalk zone for it being my dominant hand.

Prolly finally get with cutting the lawn of the primary property when my shift is over in about half an hour.


> Governments rarely even help homeless.

How dare you mock the liberal tribe of The United States, given they believe in the possibility of the mathematical inverse, despite millenia of evidence to the contrary.... :–)

> Anyway, I got the ride to go get groceries, got groceries > (incl some of the best mangoes EVER!), and also got my > hair cut. Feels VERY good to have my hair trimmed on the > sides/back. Looks dapper, too :)

I gotta say.. damned good example of a descriptively fun installment of a great life blow-by-blow, AKA blog.

> I just paid 18 British Pounds (what that amounts to in > USD? IDK) for a pair of scissors from PresentAndCorrect > (.com) (not an ad, obvs) and I am not surprised at the > cost, because they are a cool looking pair of scissors > ✂️ (which look nothing like this emoji). But really, > EVERYTHING from Present and Correct looks cool. Very > vintage-esque, 1970s, cerebral, throwback classroom type > of writing gear, notebooks, calendars, pencil sharpeners, > posters, and even typewriters (which are usually sold > out). Just a neat shop.

And again!!!

> Repetition happened across contexts — a couple times in > work and then off the clock. That context shift allowed > the repetition to take on new meaning. I'm sure it could > happen the other way around as well — repeating something > from a personal project in a work project. Perhaps that > context shift is but one of many places where that thrill > in repetition comes from. I'm hungry to find more.

The re-petition of concepts is the essence of this dream.

> Medications suck, though. I mean I will take them, and > feel better at the end of the day for having done so, > but, meds are a pain because you have to cycle on to them, > and then there is the cycling off period, and everything > about being med-reliant just sucks. Wholesale.

Yeah. But what a relevant topic just a few installments past some HST reverence! ;–)