When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the blog

> I think I wrote in a personal journal earlier that today > was in the “Top 5” most anguished days of my life

Dang. Sorry to hear/read, man.

So I'm back with write.as for another year. Feels good! Haven't had much to say of late, though. Or I do, but I'll get a few sentences into it, and suddenly can't get the thought “Even if someone else could figure out what I'm yapping about, how could their knowing (about) it matter?”

Followed soon enough by “:%d” in vi(m).

Oh! I think my interview/chat with the VP of another potential employer went well this late afternoon. If nothing else, we were pleasantly capable of conversationally enjoying each other, and laughed quite a bit about this and that pertaining to the horror also known as software development. :–)

It's definitely closer to a “startup” than any other place I've been part of. The VP gave me a good sense of the overall vibe, and I rather like it. What they're doing feels compelling to me, as in I know I could “make a difference”, know I'd be a heck of an asset.

Sipping a “tequila mule” at the moment. I've done so little drinking that last few weeks after my wife's appendectomy that it's hitting me like proverbial gangbusters. And it's going damned well with the sight (heh.. typed 'site' first..) of the fire in the fireplace just over the top of this screen....