What wasn't good for the goose is somehow just fine and dandy for the gandy

There appears to be no moral calculus involved here at all, despite glancing off the issue of morality in his four-part description of different types of potential donors. If you signed that statement of support for Joi Ito, you are suspect. Your judgment is suspect. That the donations were meant to be anonymous does nothing to launder the immorality of taking them. No amount of hand-waving about how hard it is to fund universities can erase that.

To me the bigger story is how the unwavering inflexibility of religious fundamentalist morality cited by “liberals” in the 1980s/1990s seems pretty tame compared to their own arguably even more putridly accusative brand in modern times.

Not convinced? Have a look here at how merely expressing an opinion not in 110% accord with what is essentially ever-shifting (in the direction of moralistic absurdity) “liberal” doctrine/dogma is apparently paramount to a moral/social sin worthy of a “cancellation campaign”.

And isn't poor Scully even one of their own? Ay yi yi....