What it means to be liberal in 2020

It means your ego takes offense at having to make any effort to put the longer term good of society ahead of its immediate, ephemeral needs/feelings.

It really is that simple.

Feel pissed off? Break some windows. Burn down some buildings.

Feel like having some orgasms? Fuck and father as many as you can without much if any followup.

And so on.

Know what I'm sayin', Portland?

Nah. Unlikely. For another primary characteristic of immediate, ephemeral ego needs/feelings is the inability to hear/see past said needs/feelings.

Goodbye all the good things that come through work and sacrifice. Have your personal, immediate, ephemeral needs/feelings now. Right now.

And if anyone else questions it, especially in the context of what's better for society in the long run?

Call them racist. Tell 'em to fuck themselves. Cancel them from their employment, if not their – and their families' – lives. And take comfort in the growing mob majority similarly so self/ego-focused that you revel in the sights and sounds of others behaving similarly anti-socially.

Okay. Enough of typing in vain to what I already know can't grok any of this.

<clicks Publish in sorrow>