What I like about blog.. you hold me write

> Stopped into Midnight.pub just now, looked at the > “Patrons”, decided to look at “All Patrons”, and > saw me and [Inquiry](https://write.as/inquiry) sitting > next to each other (social distanced) in the line-up, > probably slamming back coffee and chain smoking.

That's easily the most unnecessarily 'probably' I've ever seen. ;–)

> I love what m15o has done with the > place, and if you haven't popped into the > [Midnight.pub](https://midnight.pub) before, be sure to > stop in, have a drink, see who's around in the Midnight > Writer's Guild (which isn't a real thing, but sounds nice) > – and be sure to tell them that “too fast” sent > ya! ;)

I love that most of the posts there are tmo-ish, i.e. more real-time personal than trying to teach me something about some topic. Not that there's anything wrong with such, mind you. I just prefer feeling like I'm getting to know someone than something.

And not that tmo doesn't inform along the way. But it's generally nicely tucked into a more “here's me now” bed, e.g. some background on 'Bellar' in this post.

We brought more stuff from the old house, put legs on a couple rough-hewn pieces of wood my wife stained and epoxied, which – back-to-back – will serve as a bar in the family room, then had some seriously delish Chinese food from a restaurant that's become my local favorite of said genre.

Now we're settled into our respective devices whilst watching “Man with a Plan” and “Hot in Cleveland” episodes. No fire tonight – they can be a lot of work with new, not utterly dried wood. Time to coalesce into the new work week.