Well we're all in the mood for a read.write.as, and it's got us feelin' alright

> That's all. Filler for filler. Apologies.

In my experience, one person's seeming (to themselves) filler at a given moment, in a given mental context, is another's fun glimpse into another's moment(s). And there's nothing to say the originator won't see the same as other than filler at some other moment, in some other mental context.

I think that suggests there's nothing objective about the “isness” of how one's post(s) seem.

I think that suggests it's all roughly the rose-by-any-other-name zone.

Kind of a rough morning, starting with my alarm going off an hour early for having disabled my phone's airplane mode in another timezone, and then not reestablishing the timezone of where we live. I got so into getting ready for work that it wasn't until 10 minutes before I was about to start work that I noticed other clocks telling a different story.

That's on top of a proverbial “too much fun” day/night, featuring varieties of psychoactive chemicals, and eventually my wife getting into a sort of dance marathon to old favorites via Youtube... and eventually some surprisingly (given the inebriation..) protracted (oooh!) mutually beneficial bio-activities.. so we're talking muscle aches, joint (oooh!) pain, and so on. (Oh, and somewhat nauseous to boot....)

But, my <deity>, we seemed such a “power couple” at the one winery, and then the bar... interacting with familiars, meeting new others – most of their names fading to where the momentary seeming significance of blogs posts possibly lays to rest.....