Well she was just.. a blog queen... if you know.. what I mean

> Tempted to title this wave CAPITALIST REALISM. > > Which already conjures up a certain strain of imagery.

That title somehow had me remembering my wife is out acquiring some farm-fresh (heh.. typed 'farm-free' the first time..) eggs. I'm already imagining strain in others upset we have to pay for eggs in the first place – you know.. give money (ick!) to a.. a.. a CAPITALIST. Do you see the horns? The cloven feet? The Kip Winger grin from whatever the hell video it was I'm suddenly vaguely remembering from all that way back when?

So be sure there are some eggs in “this wave”.... ;–)

I managed to get off work for Friday, so now I'm waiting mega-impatiently for this day to end, masterfully leveraging the relatively little time left to the workday to get into anything new, 'cuz I'll just forget the key-est details over three days off anyway. And that's no matter how well I “comment” any code. That far-too-often is merely sweeping the mystification from one place to another – to an arguably lesser place, for that matter, for it being a place a compiler/interpreter can't at least minimally sanity check it.

(FWIW: Did you know that “relativity” beings with the artificial – i.e. purely conceptual – divide between “I” and “not-I”?)

Damn, I wanna play some pool at the moment. Can't even remember the last time. Probably at the rich brother-in-law's place.

Heh, I'll never forget the first time I was there, and he had no idea I had past experience. I mean, grant it, I didn't have a strong feel for his experience either. But I soon enough concluded it was time to have fun toying with him – you know, like not just intentionally missing shots in ways that didn't look at all intentional, but leaving the cue ball in places where he'd not have a shot to boot.

Yeah, I know: not nice.

But, see, it's sort of like my little revenge on capitalism (didn't I ever mention how I was once upon a time one of the best “liberal”s of all time?) This guy has more dough than probably our entire subdivision combined, and there was this sort of defining moment when we were out with he and his wife (one of my wife's sisters), and they'd ordered more than they needed – not to mention the more expensive stuff off the menu – and we get done, and he looks up completely seriously and says, “Wanna just split the bill?”

Let's just say my first pool outing with him might have had something to do with that – to me – heinously callous request.