We'll go posting in the dark, blogging rather stark, and read.write.as'ing

> The order from P&C made its way back to PA. Why? I don't > know. Likely weather-related.

No way! It's fine people related! Has to be! I read it on CNN! Has to be!

> Some thoughts on this I heard on the radio and already > agreed with:


> – If you lie you must have a perfect memory

Same goes for maintaining a consistent online persona.

Which, of course, begs a question....

Another half an inch of snow overnight, a rather annoying amount. Hoping the driveway asphalt heats enough to melt it sans shovel assistance.


Okay, done with the weekly immediate work team status meeting. Fun (you know, the interactions not about work..), but basically a waste of time.

<next day>

> Why does this feel so rare though?

Oh... just a little thing sometimes described as the fact that intelligent humans are vastly out-numbered....

> This blog is hideously vain.

But... but... show me one that isn't...?

> Deleted a couple older blog posts from today that were > fairly negative, glad I did. I try to be at least somewhat > positive on this blog, even though it doesn't always turn > out that way :/

Still on the fence regarding deletions. I can feel similarly, certainly understand the motivation, and yet can't help but think that for me such curation would constitute at least slivers of quarks of degrees of disingenuity.