We'll be the blogabout.. the posts will make us spout about

> Hey Inquiry. Good to see ya on The Midnight.


> Kind of a precursor to what it will be like when W.a > has comments, haha. Looking forward to them getting that > developed.

I've mostly reconciled to this place being without comments. In a way I prefer it, perhaps keeping the focus more on writing than chit-chatty exchange (not that there's anything wrong with that). There are obviously plenty of other places to do the latter.

> What machine(s) do you use these days, Inquiry? I see most > everyone on here posting their “1337 WFH setup”, or > their desktop enviro, or listicles of their favorite apps, > etc. (I, too, am guilty of talking about home setups) > – but I don't see what gear, machines, apps you are > using. Fill us in, what software/hardware do ya use for > the WWW?

For this activity I'm exclusively on an Acer Chromebook, so of course Chrome is the browser. But it has very usable “Terminal” application that opens up underlying Linux, which is where I spend most of my time on the machine. In fact, I do almost all the reading of read.write.as in the text-mode “elinks” browser within said Terminal app – unless I feel I'm missing out on an important image (e.g. from one of the cartoonists here), in which case I'll copy the URL to a Chrome tab.

As for composing, I do all of that in the Terminal app except for the final posting step, because I'm pretty sure the write.as page itself won't function without the ability of a browser to run Javascript – or that's how I'm remembering it when I first tried. There might be an API way to post (can't remember), but I'd imagine it available only to Pro users.