Weekend rising

'Tis a story, this all: a narrative positing a be-ing experiencing not-be-ing.

The rest is just fractal details....

> The Internet will continue to play a role in my everyday > life, but other than online classes there will not be a > whole lot of use for it.

Today my partner was on a local radio show, but by the time I rifled through nearly a dozen links associated with search results repeatedly giving the disingenuous hope of being able to stream it (“stream no longer available”, “must create an account first”, “404 – NOT FOUND”), and then spent a while not even being able to remember if/where an analog radio might be in this house (possibly some bin in the basement?), the opportunity was long lost.

Old 33 rpm vinyl playing on a cheap turntable pipe through a performance amp. Glorious! So simple. Yeah, need to change sides/albums time to time. But NO advertising, no account to login to, no audio downtime when Comcast farts (which has been a lot, lately)... just joy.