We skipped the post, write.as go

> Same thing applies to this response hashtag. You have to > actively seek your hashtag page just as you actively seek > your mailbox, expectant yet unknowing what you'll find. At > most you know whoever is contacting you is purposefully > seeking you out – they looked to see what your hashtag > was and decided to use their Write.as post on their own > blog to respond to what you were writing in a (hopefully) > constructive manner. That intention could lead to a kind > of discourse that rises above interaction.

While I'll an admit a growing tree of subthreads eventually entropies out, experiencing sweet spots in the work of following their descent remains far more rewarding to me than software-mediated response-bundling gimmickry.

> I've also never really tried edibles, unless you count > New Year's 1999 when an old friend of mine from the > poetry scene saturated a bag's worth of pot in butter > and then cooked it under low heat for an hour (which he > called “voodoo butter”), then we ate all the butter > on sandwiches and got so messed up we could barely think > straight.

As a matter of fact, I invented cream of weed back in the 90s.

> So the wandering will end with my visit to the US. I’ll > get back to New York on amtrak and then ride it again all > the way across the US from New York to Seattle.

Cool to think that at an undisclosed longitude along that trip, a traveler whose blog posts I've so enjoyed will be sailing the tracks less than a quarter mile from my house.

In far less glorious news, I'm pretty sure some rather lengthy correspondences I've enjoyed immensely for years have come to end.