We got the blog, we got the blog, we got the blog.. Yeah! We got the blog!

Can't help but laugh this morning.

And laugh. And laugh. And laugh.


That the local variable also known as the-idea-of-me could ever imagine affecting anything outside the scope in which it's defined.

Including its own metadata....

Enlightenment isn't something a local variable – aka self/person/individual – can attain unto. Rather, it's an im-mediate (i.e. not mediated by defining local scope phenomena) letting go of local scope altogether, i.e. realizing said local scope is but a transient dream to begin with.

Essentially: one stack pop and, “Poof! It (i.e. defining local scope) was gawwwwwwwn!”.

The local variable is “in the world”, aka its defining local scope.

But This (see also: “I Am That I Am”) which seemingly gives rise unto defining local scopes obviously couldn't be “of the world”, i.e. of any such defining local scope.

Let it – i.e. the local variable (aka “you”) mostly flailing against its defining local scope (aka the world) – GO GO GO!

> I should write an e-book about this. Maybe?

And increase the overall amount of 'e' people are already drowning in? ;–)

> I notice that I essentially visit the same three Websites > all the time on the Internet

'Tis definitely a realm in which less is more.