Wastin' away again in write.as.ritaville

Fun little rehearsal out back with the keyboardist, this morning, followed by a gloriously salt-intensive lunch – which should fare us well in today's humid swelter. Dishes addressed, allowing for a bit of digesting before joining my wife in some outdoor fun.

We were going to have a couple couples over outdoors tonight, but that fell through. I'm happy it did it, actually. Need me some genuine R&R.

And now <drum roll> a slight detour in the direction of alternative lyrics just because I can:

                                 wastin' away again
                               in write.as.ritaville

                                   lookin' for my
                                lost beaker of malt

                                some bloggers claim
                                   that there's a
                                 white man to blame

                                     but I know
                               it's their pre-assault