Viva... Las Google!

> ...a million cookies away

Whoever named them “cookies” had shit for brains, as they're much more like those small, spherical, prickly seeds in the fall that stick to clothing so tenaciously.

> The cache, that is. I basically just deleted my Google > history “For All Time”, and idk if that technically > clears out the cache or not, but I am calling it a > win. lol!

Online “tech” companies look more like casinos by the minute, what with their carefully calculating how to make what seems like wins to us be bigger wins for them in the long haul.

> The biggest change in my life in the past 10 years, > though, was ridding myself of my dog in 2013. I couldn't > care for him anymore. Couldn't afford the vet bills + I > was stressed to the gills with debt, etc etc. But, after > giving him up, I felt SUCH relief and FREEDOM again! I > mean, it took a good two years to decompress from four > years of dog ownership (which I was never cut out for in > the first place), and, damn it was liberating. Still IS > liberating. In every way.

Ah, yes... the modern religion of pet ownership, which to me seems an extension of the cult of selfhood, 'cuz don't you know the other animals are afflicted with notions of self too! That, and it having become evidence of Wokeness as well.

<in a Yakov Smirnoff accent> Whadda species....

> It's “not very minimalist” of me to be eye-balling > accessories to go with a new laptop, when the laptop > is perfectly capable of being everything in one, nice, > neat, little package (keyboard, trackpad, screen), but, > I am going to spring for a Roost Stand and Microsoft Arc > mouse, anyway, because I am just excessive, I guess.

Well... some minimalist you turned out to be!