Typing between the lines

> So what is a nerd to do?

This occasionally-but-not-nearly-enough humble write.as contributor would like to add:

6) Inject bizarrosnarky comments into the arguably mostly imaginary read.write.as flow, in and around carefully curated inline-linked-quotes therefrom.

> Some people say making coffee in this manner is a > “conscious and contemplative process”, but my whole > damn life is conscious and contemplative – I don't need > a routine to remind me to breathe or think ahead on my day.

Thanks. Now I'm going to have to wait patiently for this here mind to stop reverberating “the best part of waking up.. is tmo in your cup” to the old Folgers ditty.... :–)

(But, then, isn't read.write.as a sort of big 'ole, auto-filled mug 'o figurative Jo[e|sephine]?)

> Just, who cares? Honestly.

I think you just textually enunciated the best attitudinal cure for the internet: mentally see its utilitarian value, but beyond that as mostly vastly overhyped as is anything/everything being sold – complete with exaggeration, lies, bait-and-switch, etc. By now everyone of a certain age ought to know they're not going to find much Truth™ – let alone the proverbial “secret to life” – here, because it's basically mind-fodder content goods in exchange for attention currency, i.e. yet another marketplace.

> I hope things will get better when a cure is distributed > and we go back to normal, but that's the thing; if > “normal” is being a fucking asshole then I'm not all > that interested

<contemplates how to break poor awahl1138 the news>

> The Internet is a distraction-filled suppression mechanism > that, like the roll of the dice with dopamine upon refresh, > it's a one-in-a-million roll of the dice whether a subject > matter, or candidate, or any correspondence at all will > pick up adequate steam to bring about change for any > given issue.

God/Dog DAMN that's well put!

> me with my new tape recorder.

Oh my! Thanks for reminding me that my favorite aunt (the one that learned me about The Beatles for her being the perfect age for all that) got me a small reel-to-reel tape recorder when, oh, I'm not even sure how young I was. The fucker even had a variable speed potentiometer/control on it. I still have some of the tapes all these many decades later, despite it being extremely unlikely there's any recoverable patterns of magnetization on them. I'm suddenly remembering speaking a sort of play-by-play into it to – as though a news reporter – “cover” a lunar eclipse....

> When children fall in love with a TV show, they are fine > watching the same few episodes over and over.

I've found I can still watch episodes of shows I fell in love with as a kid over and over....