Treadmill textuality

Yep, worked up a sweat while walking fast to some simultaneous dumbbell pumpings, then lost the dumbbells so fingers could qwerty themselves silly.

<suddenly wondering why no one ever says/types 'poiuy' instead>

The partner and her daughter and the latter's kids went off to breakfast, to be followed by a boat ride. I'm somewhat working – mostly at my not-really-working work guilt denial.

Next I'll shower, dress, clean up the kitchen/diningroom mess, close the upstairs door that's letting the window air conditioner coolness get wasted down the stairs (did you know that my main purpose in life is to compensate for others' carelessness(es)?), then back to “work”. (I'm putting together a small server whose purpose and details I unfortunately cannot reveal here, because.. well, you know....)

After that, well... I'm expecting an Amazon delivery.. another of partner's daughters is to arrive at a time that even /dev/random couldn't guess.. the other daughter and grandchildren will be back to tormen.. I mean be cute in their special, less-restrained-than-is-comfortable ways.. (one was having a heck of a time sounding the wireless doorbell for about an hour..) prolly should eat a bit more (I'm thinking that last handful of Bing cherries plus last night's popcorn).. maybe post more nonsense to

Yes, very Friday-ish stuff indeed.