Treadmill joy

Thankfully, a work issue that looked serious in the final minutes of last week turned out – like for the hoards of chicken-little “russiagate murmurers following (in ways indistinguishable from obeisance) their chicken-little media heroes” – to be not so apocalyptic at all.

In fact, in neither case was a single chunk of actual sky found.

Of course, that won't stop me from enjoying (not) the ongoing “Whose life can we ruin next for their not being as righteous as supremely woke us?” spectacle.

Meteorological spirits lifted for a while, here, but Alexa says more rain is on the way.

Okay, threat-of-precipitation-inspired bad joke time:

Q: Who was Jack Trickleson's once-upon-a-time semi-long-term partner? A: Umbrellica Houston.