Tmux.. tmux.. tmux increase our panes

> love is wonderful asterisk

Damned nice!

> Tmux adds this other dimension.

I can't imagine screen/keyboard life without tmux.

In case you've not gotten this far, here's a bash script you might enjoy. But note I don't supply any of the text (.txt) files referenced. Change those names as you like, and put files with the names you've chosen under “dir” (whose value you'll likely change as well). For me the files contained spiritual-ish/truth-ish content, so I called the script 'truth-panes', as it creates six tmux vertical panes (horizontally side by side) in the current tmux window. (Yes, you need to run it while in a tmux window.)

If you're not familiar with navigating tmux panes within a tmux window, try (assuming your control “prefix key” is 'b'..) “C-b q”, then select the number of the pane you want control to be transferred to before it disappears (selection numbers hover over respective panes briefly).


# seems to work best with there are five elements in the following declare -a files=(“ash.txt” “unveiling.txt” “mirror.txt” “self-enquiry-questions-01-to-10.txt” “the-single-eye.txt”)

for file in “${files[@]}” do tmux split-window -h less “$dir/$file” done tmux select-layout even-horizontal tmux select-pane -t 0 less “$dir/wei.txt”

Also note (nothing's ever simple, right?) the script leverages the “less” command to display said files, which of course you can change to something preferable.