Ti-hi-hi-hime's, not on my side (no it's not...)

Huh, a certain quietness about the place.

I gauge my time left (to type) by how engaged my partner seems.

And I've probably had just a wee little bit much wine.

But it's my favorite white – as racist as that no doubt sounds to ultra-woke American “progressives”....

<rolls eyes>

I do look forward to pulling the plug on all online activity. I could be writing all this by hand into a paper journal, and it would be “reaching” pretty much the same number of reply-capable people. So, like, what the fuck am I paying for this for? Everyone – like me, I guess <blushes> – is just clamoring to be read. Next to no one reading. I mean, maybe some glancing, maybe some skimming, but nothing rises to the level of acknowledgement. So it may as well be paper in a “bloody book” (which of course was a reference to a line in A Hard Days Night...).