Ti-hi-hi-hime, ain't on myyyy side (no it ain't!)

Is it just me, or has the pace picked up in these parts, of late?

> In the meantime, the answer to “what would an academic > think” should be pretty clear. No one should care what > an academic thinks.

Thankfully, I got to that non-caring decades ago.

> if life were like a vision > we'd be blind to the true one

Glorious! (in toto)

Winding down. Visited a bunch of Gemini (protocol) sites after building the 'gmnlm' terminal mode Gemini browser. Nothing ushered in a new era, but it was fun.

Currently sipping some vodka-based drinks, still happy over the temperature having gotten to 43F today, and allegedly staying over freezing tonight. Beats the heck out of a shovel.

Probably the most exciting thing about nearing 60 is the realization that, given the end is near, it's probably a reasonable bet to become less insane about expenditures. Fuck it.

I even asked my wife the other day whether we should consider quitting our jobs, and if we run out of funds, just fucking off ourselves. She actually agreed, although I'm pretty sure she didn't come close to taking all her interpersonal capital into account (e.g. daughters and grandchildren). My couple biologicals and I are thoroughly estranged, and I've accept the seeming permanent nature of that given there's never response to my probings. My dad and siblings are still alive, but I suspect they'd understand. We're kind of a practical bunch.

It's a combination of things, really. After a while, it really does become a “nothing new under the sun” situation – keeping in mind how familiarity really does breed contempt. And then there's how one's peer begin dropping like flies, how conceptually/memetically removed one truly does become from subsequent generations. I can feel the joy of youngers for having felt as though the 1990s were a rebirth of sorts, but I know the feeling's far from mutual (e.g. “Ok boomer...”).

You just sorta start to feel as though it's time for no time....

But, you know, not as though there's some universal weight to said path. I super love following Mike's experience of later years. It's not my thing in the actually-doing-it sense. I'm truly where I belong. But there's periodic, strong vicarious enjoyment when attention tilts that direction.