Three cheers for the paring down of worlds

> Did you know that in the first 49 days after you’ve died, > you can do anything you like and go anywhere you want in > the world, just by thinking about it? On the 50th day, > your arse is hauled off to your ‘training place’ in the > astral world (probably some abyss, let’s be honest here).


> Anyway, I am getting a haircut tomorrow, I decided. Need > to look fresh and dapper for my own sake. I can't stand > just having a mop of hair on my head. The top will remain > the same but I am shaving the sides.

I dog-sheared mine for years for simplicity's sake, but eventually wound up with a pony tail.

But I have it somewhat easy in that I've lost so much up top that it never becomes the shaggy disaster it could in the days of my youth (when I was told.. what it means.. to be a man.. <John Bonham wizardy>).

> I, myself, want less dependency on a computer. Less > dependency on digital entertainment or amusement. Less of > the same. And just less in general.

I'd like to think I could do that at the drop of a hat. I did it with Facebook/Twitter what now seems like eons ago, and the peace boost was immediate and lasting.

> Less = more

How very Linux-sounding of you! (given those are somewhat similarly behaving commands, there...)

I do fantasize about being done with online altogether save to pay bills, including running my own email server explicitly for that purpose. All other communication with others would revert to snail. I think I could really love reducing my world to my partner and I in this home, our favorite public spaces, and local friends. I mean, it would be just soooo much less to think about. I imagine a side benefit of that being finally doing the home/local stuff to the best of my abilities, instead of it being more just “one of many worlds” perpetually being distracted by the “virtuals”.

And it would be so cool to once again see the mail carrier as the harbinger of great random surprises (letters from friends) than only the bringer of snail bullshit (“snailshit”?), aka junk mail.

> I could get texts on there, but would always reply with > a phone call. No “professionals” (doctors, etc) would > text me, to begin with, so no trouble there. And, my phone > bill would be significantly cheaper without having to pay > for data.

Simpler phones atop “Republic Wireless”, baby. I've been saving gobs of money down that path for years. Mega-gobs, even. And there's also some technical salvation to it in that our house is located in a super shitty cellular zone, so being able to do voice/text over wifi is quite the joyful middle finger to cellular carriers...

...although of course we're still dependent on an internet provider, and that's been rather suckass zone that last couple months.

They sorta gotcha one way or another. But it does feel good to at least minimize the penetration....