They call him Poster, Poster... faster than typing

Okay, this is the real 1700th.

How is everyone?

I know.. weird question to ask given I'm not going to look for replies.

But I can pretend.

Isn't it all pretend anyway?

Especially the pretending to not be pretending part?

Beautiful day out there. Work is the usual instances of human conceptuality bouncing off each other thang.

Brother and sister-in-law visiting this weekend, commencing tonight! There will a knock down, and there will be a drag out. Keeping up with the much larger and 5.5 years younger brother can be a challenge at this point. And of course the big (temporal sense) brother doesn't want to merely keep up, but to lead!

Put up more shelves and pictures last night. 'Tis an amazing place. And to think I was was somehow down about life, yesterday. But that's what happens when making things personal, i.e. carrying on as though a person one is imagining to “be”.