The thin, blurred membrane between dreaming and awake

So today began with awakening from what I thought was awake – but was actually a dream – into an awake that seemed to be a dream.

I mean literally, so profound was the confusion.

But, you know, from a mind perspective, is there really a difference?

Is this the dream?

Or are both characterizations inaccurate? Is there actually much more a continuum betwixt the two, except in one the characters more frequently insist they're awake? (Per what? Is there something “real” to hang the hat of that characterization on, or it it closer to repetitive self-hypnosis?)

Why couldn't my having written this have “happened” in a dream in which others are dreaming they're reading it?

And how is that really (again, from a mind perspective, whose re-presentation of “reality” is all we – as a mental character – can “know”) any different from it happening when we're all allegedly awake – apart from all us “awake” (but possibly dreaming) characters saying so enough that we couldn't be convinced otherwise?