The mystery blogs are coming to wake you today

> It's another beautiful, sunny, WINDY day here (wind gusts > up to 55mph) – so I will try to get outside and enjoy > it later.

61F during today lunchtime walk, wind gusts capable of moving this body with just one foot planted.

> My current system for tracking customers and opportunities > involves several paper notebooks, a daily planner, an > unsorted email inbox, a special address book, social > media follows and bookmarks, various DMs, forum topics, > issue tracker tasks, and so on.

Are you familiar with /dev/null? ;–)

I've tried lots of off-the-shelf and self-written tools, and integrations thereof.. but always wound up back with simply formatted lines in flat text files to which unix text utilities can be brought to bear – complete with the eventually-fading conviction that all searches for tools that'll likely not work any better than that (yet of course come with their own generally unadvertised problems/limitations) are carefully-concealed procrastination. :–)

> I've had a frequent-though-not-intense cough for the past > week, and that could be virus-related. Or smoking related.

When in fact it's utterly due to reading cheesy and/or cantankerous Inquiry posts! ;–)

Okay... back to work. Actually doing some browser Javascript this morning, creating an editor for a specific class of data that we're tired of trying to parse from .xlsx files that are somehow derived from Google Docs – complete with all the Parsing Hell Irregularity one could/should expect given the sickening manual-ness of said data construction path....