The idiocy of feeling like we're journalists (maybe) (that is, read on)

That someone wrote something doesn't mean diddly squat other than they had the brain equivalent of an erection, really.

Yeah, me too has wanted a voice, a big voice, a voice heard 'round the world, and so on blah blah.

But, <pick a deity, any deity>, what a disaster headlines scraped from websites soon become, where headlines are projected as unquestionable truth, when it's just some idiots like me writing some shit.

Even the title of this <cough> article.

What a pathetically stupid species we've become.

I thought this article (haha, right?) really drove the point home with this quote:

“Tradition is a set of solutions for which we have forgotten the problems. Throw away the solution and you get the problem back.”

Instead of enjoying the benefits of following traditions born of gosh-knows-how-many-years of hard-learned wisdom, now everyone's spouting off personal experience as though doing so is itself proof of the new term for all that, i.e. “wokeness”.

My profuse apologies, CJ, but the technology doesn't mean diddly squatiferousness if/when the people wielding it are lost.