The half empty deathly glass

> The glasses of death > > We have seen a lot of movies where a person make a turning > point in the way they live after finding out their time > on earth was limited. > > I mean everyone will die one day. Everyone’s days are > numbered. The difference is, how much numbers are left?

Cool personal timing, here, as my partner and I agreed just yesterday that we have just ten years of real life – i.e. of having minds/bodies with reasonably high probabilities of being able to nearly fully embrace life – left.

(I'd like to say it was a sobering thought/declaration, but a couple 16 ounce cans of Pabst intoned a blue ribbon nyet over that.)

> Putting on the glasses of death and living through its > view might sounds a little bit insane but it is a good > way to not waste this life away.

There's a flip side, though, namely a descent into the experiences of life seeming ridiculously painfully numbingly meaningless given life by definition wastes away, and there will seemingly be no individual left to so much as remember “their” experiences....

Which, well.. maybe progressive fundamentalists (you know.. The Wokest of The Woke..) were a bit hasty in throwing out the possibility of an eternally enduring self with the “Ain't no God gonna tell me what to do!” bathwater....?