The Gates of software hell

> “Wine (alcohol) is a mocker, strong drink (alcoholic > spirits) is a brawler, and whoever is led astray > (intoxicated) by them is not wise.” – Proverbs 20:1


> Do not use alcohol in the Eucharist. Alcohol is a > depressant-type drug. It is obvious that the etymology of > alcohol is from the Arabic word: Algol. Algol, or al-ghul, > is Arabic for “the Demon”. Those who drink and depend > on alcohol begin to fall under an intoxicating spell of > Algol, which results in possession of Algol. Drinking > alcohol while intoxicated will turn humans into beggars; > even worse, those who refuse to renounce the demonic vice > of alcohol will pave their own roads to their own grave, > or to the Abyss.

But but but but but.. it's fantastic while reading and/or writing posts!

> The wine that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, recommend for the > Eucharist is Kosher, non-alcoholic grape juice. The brands > that I recommend are Lakewood, De La Rosa, or Kedem as > long as these brands are only non-alcoholic.

<pinches nose while grimacing>

So the weekend is seemingly upon as again (“seemingly” because of course days of the week are quite arbitrary).

It's rather gosh-danged dreary grey outside at the moment, albeit warm for January here (now 46F, high of 50F forecast). I imagine some consider that proof the world is ending.

My new philosophy on politicians to vote for goes like this: “I'd rather have a nutcase doing what I elected them to do than a self-proclaimed/assessed 'woke-ian' doing anything and/or everything but.” The latter qualify as swamp monsters in my book.

My final dream last night had me in row two for an Alanis performance that was just about to begin when my partner's alarm went off. Now that's what I call ironic!

I've become aware of an open position for director of a local historic venue. I can't imagine anyone considering me qualified, but I sure would like to try something like that whilst walking away from software development with both middle fingers blazing. I'm just so tired of most others' focus/demands on UI, of things that ought to stay the same changing out from under my feet (in my current position because the IT folk value the self-righteousness of blindly installing Windows updates over application/integration stability).

I may have mentioned giving Powershell a glance the last couple days, hitting a major roadblock in that there seems to be no way to obtain http response body content from the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet if/when it throws an exception on certain http failure status codes – although the response body content is piped to the console if one doesn't try/catch the call... so it appears I'm going to have to create a convoluted pipeline-ish solution so the first script can call Invoke-WebRequest without catching exceptions, piping the output of that to a second script that can parse the response body content from that, and proceed... it's 2020 for fuckssakes, Microsoft.....

I acquired the open source Powershell 6 to see if perhaps that's fixed therein, but of course right off the bat $Env:PSModulePath is different enough in Powershell 6 than it was in Powershell 5 that Import-Module was failing... yet another case of Microsoftian “pull the rug out from underneath something that was working just fine”.

Just another day in the nightmare that made Bill Gates rich for having signed on to a position in a Windows shop!