The fear of the political incorrectness of even formerly harmless metaphoric kitchen items

> This begs a huge question: If forcing people to speak > a certain way results in reduced quality due to lack of > involvement, should people be allowed to speak completely > freely?

I'd rather they were educated to be capable of hearing anything without losing their shit.

> Now that I've gotten into the Gemini protocol, I've found > that I just don't have the patience for any of the bullshit > endemic to modern social media any longer. I miss the > old internet, and would rather have a place on the smol > internet than a popular Fediverse account.

Incredibly well put – not just what I quoted, but the entire article.

I'm down to:

> II) The Greatest Enemy is your mind...

Hear! Hear!

> Strauss’s experience in Germany confirmed the political > teaching of his beloved Plato. A great enemy of democracy, > Plato described it as the second worse form of government > and was convinced that it inevitably leads to tyranny. For > Strauss, as for Plato, democracy is a licentious state > of affairs in which a multiplicity of conflicting and > irreconcilable appetites compete for dominance. Plato > described a society torn apart by insatiable and > conflicting appetites, and he surmised that in this > state of disorder, one master passion was bound to become > supreme and rule despotically over all others. The scenario > described by Plato, whereby democracy gives way to tyranny > mirrors the scenario where Weimar sets the licentious > stage of Hitler to emerge victoriously. > > The comparison of American liberalism to Weimar is not > original to Strauss. It is expressed by German refugees > such as Theodor Adorno who believed that America was a > duplication of Nazi Germany – the only thing missing is > the brutality of the police. Instead of leading him to > question the legitimacy of the comparison, the absence > of coercion only succeeds in making Adorno marvel at > the extent, sagacity, subtlety, and near invisibility of > American style domination. This phenomenon is immortalized > in a film with Rod Steiger called The Pawnbroker (for > which he won an Academy Award).

Yeah. Assuming I'm grasping what you wrote, it's easy to imagine major tyranny coming from the critical mass of collective idiocy that refers to it/them-selves as “The Woke” – you know, the people that somehow find Trump worse than their tendencies toward mob looting, violence, destruction, “canceling”, and other associated behaviors antithetical to civility. Turns out the pot is so black that the kettle it boils in judgement over/toward is essentially how sunlight looks like from Mercury by comparison. They even despise religious people despite being hyper-fundamentalist-ically religious about their, ahem, beliefs – you know, those “truths” espoused by their own version of “Holy Writ”, e.g. The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN. We're civilization-ending-grade hypocrisy.

(NOTE: I just turned around before a mirror to discover a target on my back for having used the word 'black' in what is no doubt a Non-Woke-Approved™ way....)