The curves of learning

Slowly climbing the looper pedal curve. I've had it for a while, but there's a lot that can go wrong. 'Tis a three channel, so it's actually more like six pedals for record/play, plus the main volume pedal, so you lay down rhythm sections while singing, then combine them for soloing. Makes songs that much more interesting while sparing the vocal chords. But that increases the chances of disaster if not communicating with the partner on when sections are replayed.

It was one of those online days where it seemed as though the best parts of the internet (email and had died, as correspondents had either nothing to say or insufficient time to say, and seemed rather dead most of the day (in this timezone).

I'm hoping for that be slowly become less meaningful, what with having relocated the office to where the musical equipment lives, hopefully diverting my slowly degenerating attention that direction, including my beloved song spoofs.