The crystal blog, is being filled

I really enjoyed The Like Trap by mikka luster.

I'd go on to wonder how I might have responded to lots of online attention, except that's become moot for me, as the pit and/or down falls of popularity have been cited again and again in the species. Popularity seems to be yet another case of second-law-of-thermo-ish “pluses more than offset by minuses” so cherished by Murphy.

I think a lot of the confusion about popularity has roots in the attitude/belief that “because it looks like a human, walks like a human, etc. like a human, that it must be a just-like-you human”.

Well.. nope. That seems to be next to never the case.

Which is to say that if/when one has the attention of lots of others, what does one really have? “Evidence” (in double quotes due to the likely significant bias in one's assessment of “evidence”) of one's own hopes/dreams/beliefs? Can having enough (or is it too much?) of that lead to so distorted a reality model that one soon enough doesn't so-called “know which way is up”?

History suggests that just might be the case.

Anyway, yeah, lots of ramble, here. But that's for realizing once again how words can have strikingly different meaning/significance to entertainers thereof, which I think implies one could create an exhaustive list of what one means by a particular sentence, yet in fact have therein multiplied the potential for confusion in a magnitude begging for the phrase “to the factorial power”.

I've always been the type who doesn't do things to write/film/photograph about them, but just does things, makes media about that stuff, and sees what happens. If no one reads, watches, or listens to me, that's OK. And, hopefully, it'll stay that way.

To quote the incomparable Jim Morrison in The Doors' exquisite version of the song “Gloria”:

“too late. too late! Too late! Too Late! TOO Late! TOO LATE! *TOO* LATE! *TOO* *LATE*! **TOO* *LATE**!!! “

(or something like that.. it's been a few years..)