The complicated joy of family

Dang, this kind of textuality is just so wonderful!

Tough day head. My partner's youngest daughter and her three young children arrived at 10:30pm last night. The mom and two boys leave midday to not miss soccer. The girl will be joined by her aunt this afternoon, and we'll all be attending a party at my partner's sister's house Saturday – that would be the aunt of the aunt of the girl (aren't labels fun?).

But there will be many others at that shindig, requiring some sleeping over here Saturday night, meaning partner and I will be on an air mattress that night.

No one ever said family would easy.

I had additional intense dreams last night. Too complex to describe briefly, here, and I'm “working” today, so the guilt of doing this instead of that will interfere with the thought processes required to make significant amounts of text coherent, so you're just going to have to take my (fewer) word(s) for it.

Making the work situation more complicated is the need to lock the door behind me lest the Curious Georges and Curious Georgina come bursting in, and the fact my manager one one coworker are off work today, which my great American Work Sensibility interprets as opportunity to slough off a bit.

But I'm pretty ahead on projects anyway, so whatever.