The blog is on.. on inside your thread.. for sakes of pete

Just kind of a general malaise in progress, here, presided over by a general sense of nothing in particular-to-get/feel-excited-about for it all seeming like slight variations on the theme of the hopelessness of individuality.

Yeah, I could write something, but how often does that lead to anything you'd hope it would?

ANSWER: never (to a so-called “engineering approximation”).

Ditto for projects, other creative endeavor, learning

> I wonder how boring it would get over in time at these > parties. An entire generation replacing the one before > without having anything new to offer. Maybe this is a > limitation of existence itself, to succumb to little > packets of life and not think of anything grander.

Perhaps nothing ruins the joy of living more quickly than attempting to understand it? :–)

> For me the music store was Five Mile Disc and Tape, a > brilliant little music store with gnarly old-school paneled > walls. Then Hastings, Books, Music, and Video, a store so > perfectly attuned to my needs I rarely went anywhere else, > and ended up working for them for a couple of years.

For me it was, let's see... “1812 Overture”, “Peaches”, and “Musicland” when younger.. later on I lived near a so-called “Media Play” (no idea if it was a one-off, or a chain..).

<digs a big>

Oh, wow... Media Play was not only a chain, but related to Musicland....

Gosh dang, I'm just loathing the thought of a couple work items I need to tend to. I've somehow got to get a node.js server that's working just fine and nicely restarted by Task Scheduler to run in some kind of Windows “IIS” wrapper... because our idiotic infrastructure department can't/won't do anything that isn't almost entirely Windows-based. Ugh... the phrase “just shoot me now” comes readily to mind....