CJ Eller's latest explores the multi-variant value of blankness of page.

Now, the way I just put that might sound to some as though I'm being somewhere between facetious and fatuous (if not ghosting-worthy.. <cough>), but, in fact, for me CJ's treatment falls nicely in line behind an old Don DeLillo interview that resurfaced in some feed I scrape a week or two ago.

(Sorry, folks.. didn't save the link.. not a big link saver, here... tend to prefer the way online deities fate me morsels...)

Something from it that rather stuck was his habit of putting paragraphs each on their own sheet of paper – I think in part of see how each paragraph stood on its own, as if being merely seen straddled by other paragraphs distracted his mind from sufficient focus to make the most of such a unit.

(There were other motivations, but I've sadly forgotten them (probably because I still can't get my mind off the “#Hate” tag recently served me simply for testing ideas in a public forum (and in a Democracy, no less...))).

So now do we see another potential blank page power: facilitating turning a paragraph all the way up to eleven!

I've long been fascinated with people whose idea of being “done” with something necessarily begins with a great public proclamation of being done with something – as opposed to, say, simply – and quietly – being done with said something.

What is that?

The theory currently coming to mind is that some egos are such that ghosting another ego that – I can only imagine – has apparently caused them public embarrassment (a phenomenon confined strictly to their own mind, mind you..) somehow doesn't feel sufficiently self-centrically satisfying.

But then – voila! – they've got it! If they can turn their ghosting – i.e. being done with something – into a media circus of sorts, that'll not only accomplish the ghosting, but also (hopefully) draw much (more) attention to them – not to mention earn bonus virtual street cred with others possessing a similar ego penchant for publicly boycotting/ghosting/etc. others.

“Parting shots” are, of course, a welcome tool to that end.

For example, why simply announce one is ghosting another when one can paint the ghosted negative? How about with a tag like “#Hate”, for example? In addition to hopefully landing a judgemental punch, such helps the ghoster be clearly identified as an expert in identifying hate – which is, of course, the absolute most highly revered skill one can have these days – for if you can't identify hate, how can you know whom to ghost (with the aforementioned attention-garnering proclamation, of course)?

Something egos like that have trouble fathoming, however, is there's little more embarrassing than being seen to respond to another ego that one publicly proclaimed one was “done” with. Mmmm... not a good look.. not a good look at all.. that's just plain not where egg belongs....

Oh well... egos will be egos...

As for this here ego, it remains proudly resolute in remaining open – if not eager – for discourse with any and all, regardless what non-stickage-and-stonage they might feel it necessary to launch this direction.