T-M-O is in my ears, and in my eyes... there beneath the spew, read.write.as skies

> We can't even agree on proven facts like the Earth is > round, or Trump supporters attacked the Capitol building > (provoked by Trump and other leaders); both are proven on > multiple videos, photos, eye-witness accounts, etc. How > can we have any kind of rational discussion or come to > any sort of understanding when we can't even agree on the > basic fundamentals?

Because what one ego considers fundamentals, egos consider carefully concealed bias? Because people lie? And etc.

> Furthermore, how can we have any meaningful dialog when > we don't respect each other?

We can't. Period.

Egos – being isolated conceptuality islands rooted in the notion of an separate/individual “I” – never have and never will respect other egos. Egos maybe sorta kinda sometimes tolerate other egos when perceiving a personal benefit in doing do. But that's it. (And don't forget that tolerance is essentially a lie, a silent “fuck you” parading as a smile, if you will....)

> I just got back from the 'rents, and while I was over > there, I looked through their old CD's (they don't even > have a CD player anymore), and I discovered two(2) compact > discs that I would actually want to borrow, so I borrowed > them: The Beatles 67-70 (double-CD). I will give it a spin > (literally) after I finish my coffee (which I made as soon > as I walked in the door).

Oh, <any deity>, what a gem!

Back in olden times, yours truly managed to win both the “62-66” compilation and the “67-70” compilation on separate “Be caller number <whatever>!” calls... was even “live on the air” for one of them, I'm pretty sure my dad and sister hearing me in the car.

Anyway, they were huge wins for a Beatles fan that could scarcely afford a single album, let alone a pair of doubles.

I managed to also snag Steppenwolf's “Hour of the Wolf” in a third such win.

(In case you're rolling your eyes whilst screaming “CAKE WALK!” at the point, that was on a rotary-dial phone, so we're talking some pretty damned serious dialing skills, here.... ;–) )

> Penny Lane is a magical song (which I may have heard > once before)

I'm pretty sure they made an “official video” for that one too.