Swirling down fractalized self-webferential discussions

I be getting back to some work schedule normalcy after a weekend of family visits, gatherings, etc. I'm basically somewhat of a wreck sporting fond memories.

Also, the ship of a high school reunion whose numeric anniversary value shocks even me is steadily steaming into port.

(Anyone wishing to do the approximate math simply needs to know an ancient song about a girl named “Brandy” from another port was popular when I was a kid.)

(And, yes, the word 'wreck' in the second sentence was a nod to the potential Edmund Fitzgerald-like outcomes possible when talking about such arguably volatile vessels and their “closer to the end than the beginning” cargo.)

CJ Eller surely has been the busy web weaver (“bweaver”?) of late, the latest being something about “a key distinction” between “interaction and indication”.

Personally, I would give indications just slightly more credit than I thought the post did, though, inasmuch as they might constitute an accidentally-discovered breadcrumb leading an interactor-to-be to their interactive destiny.