Sunday's swirly weekend embers

I'm genuinely curious what the future for the web will look like. I'm more and more scared about privacy — it seems it's a topic where we slowly move in the right direction. Who knows though, things change so fast.

I'm with Murphy on the outcomes, because it'll still be people pushing whatever the latest buttons are, turning its knobs, etc. Thieving minds will continue to perfect their privacy invading ways.

There seems to be an aspect of reality guaranteeing a creation ultimately can't out-fox and/or change its creator. So either we change, or it's going to be shitstorm++ no matter the colors and/or shapes of the buttons/knobs.

I'm actually looking for a non-fiction book to read! I might give this one a go. Let me roll the die to see if I should. Keeping you posted.

May the numbered cube die be with you!

But then it gets scary. If you don't have too many distractions, you are left with yourself.

Next step sees one's self as just one of the too many distractions.


<can't be said (because all sayings of it obscure it in for being ridiculously over-simplified re-presentations) despite being all that is and isn't said>

Am I friends with myself? Would I be able to bear being with just me? Can I befriend myself? Can I introspect and open all those weird little boxes that are shut within my memory? I don't know. But it's something worth experiencing. If I can be at peace with my mind and myself, I think I'd be worth it. Or maybe I'd simply go crazy. Yeah that's a real possibility.

If only “mind” and “peace” weren't seemingly mutually exclusive.

Why is discontentment so prevalent today? Has it always been this way, or am I just now taking notice?

The web echo chamber amplifies it.

Why must validation of my existence come from such a vapid culture and why doesn't anybody try to defeat it? I suppose they are happy with the way things are in the world, or maybe they're simply too distracted or apathetic to the plight.

You don't have to take it/them seriously.

We cry out for more but aren't willing to hear the sacrifices that must be made for a better way.

I think “it's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham” describes the situation adequately.

I'm a contemplative person, but nobody sees me. In fact, I'm the one who seeks validation from this vast, empty world. The more I seek, the empty I become.

Well, guess what? I saw at least the above much of you. I like your writing. And I believe there are nooks and crannies away from the same old murmury automatonic behaviors of the less than half-brained individuals comprising the masses. Yes, the words “far and few between” apply. You wouldn't believe how amazing the web was before said hoards arrived to rape, pillage, and crap on what had so much potential in the hands of the relatively few worthy of it.

Oh well.

It's not unlike a landfill, now. Dig. Find. Shower (often while shaking uncontrollably. Repeat. Hard work given the size and composition of the fill. It's arguably becoming no longer worth it. Now one is not even sure one has dug up something real, but is most likely covered in invisible cookies crumbles that report back to whoever threw whatever away (they actually placed it in the fill very carefully to make it look to be there less than intentionally), letting them know you've found it, and as much about them as those cookies will crumble.

But, my gosh it looks beautiful! Have you ever seen such fonts, colors, effects, and modal popups in your life? The smoothness of the scrolling? Ho, my! And it's doing asynchronous AJAX, skirting the edges of cross-domain access, hoping to get something on your hard drive – especially in a powerful system place. And so much other whatever that honestly has nothing to do with quality of interaction, but sure as heck givens the impression quality interaction at least ought to be happening.

And it seems like one can have either a social network experience with some feed that can't even be forced to be chronological (or can it/they/some now? I've not been there in quite some time..), saving and analyzing everything you post to maximize advertising revenue, or a pure blogging platform where almost everyone posts mostly with utter unawareness (or is it disregard?) of others posts. There might be a feed that maybe sorta kinda ties the posts together, but not really, becoming mostly a timeline of bursts of loneliness doing their best fireworks show imitation.

Aw, crap, I just got jaded about the web again.....