Sunday, bloggy Sunday

> Is it “OK” to be alone?

Have you ever heard the phrase “hell is other people”?

Do the math.... ;–)

I'm kind of kidding, and kind of not. As always, plusses and minuses. Tradeoffs.

> My anniversary of being retired. I got my life back. Found > happiness and sadness. Walked a lot. Got lost. Resisted > google maps. Took a lot of pictures. Now I live here. Life > is good. Thanks to all my friends for putting up with > me. Most of all so grateful to be here. Right now. ❤️ > u Vietnam.


Also, my wife's been to-the-point-of insisting I go that direction, so your posts often double as inspiration and micro-nudging for me. It's just I'm so used to working, and agism is at least as real as the other -isms (although of course it can only be truly seen with suffiently old eyes), so it's easy to imagine there being no way back if/when letting go of it at this point. Yes, I realize you're saying there doesn't have to be a going back. But I'm saying inner mental and emotional habits throw more than a little leery trepidation into decision-making mix.

Another aspect is my wife has to work in education for several more years to attain unto some student loan interest forgiveness, and it just wouldn't feel right being retired whilst she's still strapped to employer-supplied electrified water-boarding equipment (in education it comes with a built-in backside-kicking attachment..). So even though she states wishing retiring upon me, I imagine said imbalance could work out bittersweet in practice.