Srsly? Where would you be were it not for ethanol?

> Dr. Bruce Banner. Do you remember this guy? If you happened > to be around my age and watched television on CBS between > 1977 to 1982, then you may just be famiIiar with him.

Doesn't ring a bell at all. I must have been watching the wrong kind of TV (was yours a Panasonic? because mine was an RCA...).

> My retreat to the backside of the green monster (the > chair was the same color as the was the 70's > after all) was only for a few seconds during the Gamma Ray > (???) process. The scary part was when Dr. Banner would > be triggered into a rage and transform into the Hulk.

Oh that... see, I was way too busy with a high school girlfriend at that point....

> Dr. Banner had to live as a hermit, a loner, > keeping everyone at arms length for fear he may be > triggered. Why? This was no fault of his own, it was > a lab accident gone wrong. The authorities pursued > him constantly, like a dark cloud chasing and taunting > him. It was as if he was prey seeking refuge until backed > into a corner, provoked until becoming predator was the > only option in some wicked combination that resulted in > explosive rage. This only soon reverted to an exhaustive > meltdown returning yet another vicious cycle. I remember > thinking, these guys have no friends and everyone needs > a friend. Hulk's only ally and Banner's only sure friend > was one in the same...lonesomeness.

Ohmydeity, just like a modern day blogger!

> As I begin writing on the prompt of #Bullying, I think of > the predator and the prey as a dynamic inside each of us > as humans. Is it simply that one is nurtured or harnessed, > one given more attention than the other at those more > crucial points in life? > > Could that be why I am more assertive and my wife so much > more of a timid soul?

Underlying mechanisms (e.g. biology) have no need to “understand” the flailing of properties emergent therefrom. All this hither and yon we're so consumed with/by means nothing to their slowly plodding machinations. As we wail and gnash our teeth over a botched Amazon order, they're acting slightly creatively above amness horizon to guarantee Joe Asshole-Enough-To-Survive-A-Little-Better cums hard enough in Josephine-Just-Good-Enough-Locks-To-Attractive-Slightly-Better-Survival-Plunderers to probably guarantee the next round maybe makes it to the next round... and so on and so forth....

Which, of course, is abhorrent to us “woke” emergent-from-that-bio-soup-mess “individuals”... blah blah blah.

But it's not like our modelings of it actually matter, because the “forces that be” are safely below the modeling space (emergent from that biology) in which we seeming live and breathe and have our be-ing....

> This is not a prompt about psychology by any means. I am > just sharing my thoughts, thats what writing is all about > — READ.THINK.WRITE!

Of course!

I mean, none of us are ever imagining we're ever forcing anything on any others... we're always just “being who we are”, or “expressing ourselves”, or <cough> whatever the fuck(ing modeling we inwardly champion...).

> BTW: please check thislink and listen this piece call > “The Lonely Man” that was the tune that played to the > TV Series on CBS in the 70's

I wish, but I really don't have time – especially since a new season of “Schitt's Creek” is allegedly available!