Splash, splash I was takin' a blog

> ‘‘Twas the night before tmo

Wow, damned sweet! And I very much appreciate the mention. Thanks squared, Mike!

> Still sure that I am going to switch back to (good) ground > beans, though. Via French press.

Yet another instance of w.a coincidence for this boy, given a coffee-maker arrived today – the first cup therefrom damned freshly ground good.

> Time is finite, may blog have mercy on our souls.


> Hopefully this body of text wasn't something you read > last week, or the week before that, or the week before > that – or seemed like the “same old, same old” in > one way or another. Hopefully this was a quasi-original > form of writing.

Rest assured.

<next morning>

> So maybe in the desert of my writing the last few weeks > a new branch arrives. With writing I never know. This > thrives. That withers. Hanoi still stuns me. But many of > the things are kept within. Words on this paper do not > come. So I must be getting back to writing.

To/for me the read.write.as feed itself plays the role of those wishbone-shaped divining rods occasionally seen in old-time cartoons. I pull it out, and soon enough am tapped into otherwise hidden word cisterns sporting thought currents directionality, and just basically <queue Flipper theme song> ride the wave(s).

I guess my wife's eldest (recently turned 40...) and her husband will be visiting later today, implying a somewhat accelerated pace of getting some shelves and/or pictures hung. But awakening on the fairly early side (especially for a Saturday) is a good start on that happening to/for everyone's visual delight.

Rather enjoying a combination of a leftover pizza slice, and some of my wife's homemade sauerkraut. I'm tellin' ya, the older I get....