Sometimes a good game of volley post is exactly what's needed

> haha, now I need to buy a Swisher

Reminds me I'm running frightfully low on this end. Maybe go acquisition mode en route to a winery in a bit.

Been a while since I had one, Inquiry. I like the BLK Cherry varietal.

Well, then, put down that fucking server you're working on and get busy. :P

> And the book by HST, “Mistah Leary, He Dead” is > something I've been hunting for since the late-90s. It is > basically an obituary by HST for the acid guru of the 60s.

Now you got me missing The Thompson Not-A-Twin-Possible big time.

(in fact the song “Hold Me Now” did come to mind, doncha know...)

> Always fascinated by Dr Leary, and there is a lot of > content about/by him on the WWW as the guy did interviews > constantly. Always fascinated by HST, too, as he was one > of the most creative writers to ever exist, in my opinion.

Without question.

> Here's to more Swisher's, literature, and LSD! (Except > for the LSD, that stuff made me into a moron for about > four years. LMAO!)

Shit, man... last time for me was... maybe 1987?

That said, I scored a shitload of shrooms around then, which somewhat explains the waning of the other.

I think I'd be afraid to face all of whatever I've buried since then at once, though.