Some kind of happiness is measured out in posts


The seeming divide between an individual/subject/self and its objects of experience is mind only! Literally!

Step back from that scene. You're not the homunculus therein. You're <ineffable>-prior-to-seemingly-splitting-to-subject-and-its-objects: the so-called Witness.. in – but not of – the world, i.e. the flickering, never-far-from-perilous dream scene.

What we are remains as untouched by the shadows/re-flections/models/symbols it seemingly presents itself as is space by what it seemingly contains, as is an ocean by any of its waves.

Relax. That you can conceive of such a mess, and furthermore believe that conception to be a reality wherein a symbolic, isolated instance of you is seemingly stuck/bound/at-the-mercy-of, doesn't mean it's any more real than your faux-ignore-ance seemingly makes it.