So tired of humanity

Is anything not cliché anymore?


And what familiarity breeds.

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> This blog has zero direction whatsoever, but I wanted > to let you know that I’m here, I’m happy, and I’m > enjoying life. I hope you are too.

Ups. Downs. In betweens.

> For me, it is perfect anyway. The second I lay eyes > on other people, I see stress and distraught worries > in their expression. Insecurity in their place in the > world. And for some, outright depression. This could be > an outward perception of what may actually be happening > with me – but I feel fine, so I will not do a voodoo > “flip-around” and tell myself some bullshit that > wouldn't be true unless I bought into it, anyway.

What the recurring thought of “I” – aka in-divide-duality – breeds.

<next day>

> And if at the end of the day, after doing your research > on it, you still don't want to get the vaccine — Okay, > that's fine, I can respect that. But please be sensitive > when discussing this matter online and offline. Words have > meaning and they can hurt just as much. People have lost > loved ones, parents, friends, co-workers, to this darn > virus. And talking about the vaccine as if it's something > only meant for idiots is extremely infuriating.

The Trump (especially the anti – aka derangement – aspect) and COVID ordeals seemed like such textbook mass-auto-hypnosis outbreaks that I'm beyond being able to take much anyone says/writes as constituting facts worthy of serious research. I prefer my facts cool and unbiased, not served off the end of a flailing torch or pitchfork. But even if there be genuine facts somewhere, I can't find them in the noise of what's hilariously a sort of religious fundamentalism pouring unabated from those on record as despising religious fundamentalism.

Actually, I'm so disappointed and disturbed that I've absolutely no problem with significant thinnings of this pathetic species, even if it includes me.