Sitting here in blue jay way

> Behold. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, speak of the two > towers. They are twin towers.

I had a funny hunch that eventually someone was going to be telling me there are two kinds of towers in this world (although I suspect the author was more referencing some parallel-ish nether aspect of this world).

Oh, wow... fabulous blue jay in view in a neighbor's tree!

“In view”... of?

What is that seeming observer?

Is it really just a firebrand of a thought re-volved/re-peated (i.e. “agained”) quickly enough to manifest a seemingly emergent circle suspended in air?

Work meeting in 20 minutes.

And I'm hungry.

And I'm afraid to read a correspondent's email, having somehow become convinced the end of that is near.

No no... don't wanna know know!

I think I shall prepare some food for that meeting. It'll be time for my second caloric does by then anyway. That way I won't have to carry the laptop around.

How does it feel to be.. one of the bloggiful.. people?

Less than 15 minutes to the aforementioned meeting... and counting!

(not really.. but, you know)

And now <snare drum roll>... straight from the very heart... of Mister Poster's Neighborhood:

     would you be mine
     could you be mine
       won't you be
        my reader?

<cymbal crash>