She saaaaaaaaaaaaaid... I know what it's like to be read

> In all reality, I may go off on odd tangents.

One can only hope?

> I just watched a video on YouTube from Moby (that Moby) > about how he made a song, from start to finish, called > “Morningside”.

Mmmm... appreciate the pointer!

(new topic) Is it just me, or was there an uptick in longerform in these parts?

> Years ago, I read a Jezebel interview with Elizabeth > Wurtzel, wherein the Prozac Nation

So weird (in just this moment..) to have heard the book title so often (never read it), but not be finally hearing (well, reading) the author's name until this crazed year of her passing.

> Well, consecutive news consumption hasn't yielded any > actionable results in the past five years

It rather makes sense given in the context of the “talk is cheap” maxim.

> But after some time communicating (be it IRL or online), > it's time to bid farewell, and I usually lose all contact > with that person, because they are on their own proud path, > as I am mine.

The internet: the great past contacts memories generator. Just yesterday I was trying to remember the last name of a Myspace personage that I actually wrote/recorded a song loosely about. (I mean, okay, its title is precisely her first name, which I suppose could lead some to believe the song is way more about her. But it's actually a lot of shadowy imagery inspired by just a couple of her photos.)

> I know I need to slap myself out of it and take steps > towards getting better. But why? What difference would it > make when in a couple of months I'll just feel the same > way again. What's the use of trying? What's the use of me? > > I don't know anymore. Perhaps it's an identity crisis, > where the person I once thought was me is no more. Or > perhaps it was never there in the first place. Just > a facade. > > Or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about

Kind of reminds me of this stuff.