She goes running for the shelter of the bloggers' little helper

So, let's see... I could play another game of spider solitaire, read news (haven't in ages), write this post, hit the bathroom, try to make heads and/or tails out of my open issues in the work problem management system, write a song, play guitar and sing....

There's been some conditioning varying from seeming (in the in-contrast-to-object(s) sense) subject to seeming subject that some of those are more.. more... oh, fulfilling, valuable.. whatever than the others. Some might even feel tempted to rank them.

But what are they really in the seeming moment of doing?

A model of a subject interacting with models of objects, all in so-called “Mind Only”.

All of them. Identical in essence.

But not in the naming.


What “I” am getting at, here, is that it only matters if/when we decide it matters.. but even then, it actually doesn't except in a purely conceptual context believed to be no mere purely conceptual context, but Reality™ itself....


How are y'all today? :–)