Scrawl, and planned, unsung, and thusly.. the blog from space goes scrolling

> I admit that I am grammatically incompetent, but who is > anyone to judge. I have a lot of fun in collecting these > words. It is both embarrassing and quite hilarious.

And a joy to read!

> live, from my new MacBook Air! :)

That's great. Maybe now you'll finally write a post or two. :–)

> The map is not the territory.

Appreciate the reminder!

> Which is necessary step to establish the quality of living > for said immigrating population arriving in there attempts > to establish the American dream.

I do believe evolution, were it one to argue, would argue that quality of life derives from those seeking it making it happen for themselves, not from it being established for them by others.

> May I be released from the bondage of mistaken appearance > and conception.

Mmmm, baby now!

> I don't know if it is some mild form of sleep apnea > (sp?), or if the heater kicking on is waking me up, or > what. Exercise could help, but I should be able to sleep > without getting DAILY exercise. I don't know, something's > gotta give.

C'mon, man! Everyone knows you've a touch of TBI, aka The Blogger's Impatience! ;–)