Sailing into the dinner hour

Ever notice how words are never about anything other than other words?

Such is the modeling realm in which the model we call 'I' is said (i.e. worded) to exist.

Hence, “In the beginning (of the modeling realm?) was The Word”....?

Just wondering out-screen!

> I'd like to keep you for a really long time.

<hilarious laughter>

No disrespect intended. It's simply one of those things that takes time to figger.

> To find your handle, go into your blog's settings. Under > Updates will be your blog's fediverse handle, following > the format “”.

Oh, wow, thanks!

> Are you concerned about the encroaching efforts of the > liberal agenda on the 2nd amendment? > > Does the freedom of speech provided by our > U.S. Constitution even seem to be relevant in out > “Cancel” culture anymore?

It's their prerogative. I think it's making them look at least as silly as the 1980s fundamentalist Christians they so loved mocking back in those days (see also: hypocrisy amplification). But fundamentalism blinds regardless the specifics, so....