to major tmo

> It is Sunday and we are getting ready to go to the 'rents > to have vegetarian chili and hang Xmas lights

Heh... chili here tonight too.. though not vegetarian. Just mostly. :–)

> Awesome 🍂


> This won't be my first Raspberry Pi. Many rears ago I > had one of the earliest models and had great fun working > with it.

Gotta get me my first one of these rears.... ;–)

> It was/is a fabulous, windy, cool, sunny Fall day today, > and I am in quite a good mood!

Power went out momentarily thrice. And as not-to-bad as the word 'momentarily' makes it seem, it was harrowing given I needed to use an “air painter” on one of the bathrooms, and it would really have sucked for the power to go out for hours during that.

But it didn't.

> i never really knew how to convey the thoughts in my > head well. I think i want this to be an outlet for all my > ramblings and niche learnings (i have a habit of going down > online rabbit holes). I always tried journaling, but that > doesnt help much when i fill the pages to no ones eyes but > my own. I have so many things I want to write and type but > all of them too disorganized for a first post. Where do > i even start? Do i even want to talk about the past? We > all do it enough already, don't we?

Lookin' good so far!

> Unfortunately that is not available to all.

It is – the whining of lazy asses notwithstanding.

That's not to say some people begin in seemingly insurmountable circumstances. But I swear most whiners about it don't come from anywhere near said circumstances. They're often just fucking lazy-assed pieces of shit imagining their merely being alive somehow deserves a more or less free ride.

And, as I'm pretty sure Evolution itself once said: “fuck that”....

Fun read, though – despite your having made me work arguably not-worth-it harder to grok it for your not being decent – aka civil – enough to couch your text per the seeming rocket science called “paragraphs”.

> Anyway, the heat is on now. Gonna be up late, even though > it is kind of a blah, nothing kind of a night. I feel > OK, though.

I could be wrong, but sounds to me like what you need is an online pub whose theme is especially relevant as the calendar date changes?

I mean, amirite, or what?