Put the lime in the read.write.as, then you reading better

> Calling on Mike's Thoughts/Mike's Places, where > are you? Lol, your bloggo is down and it has been a > minute. Just want to know things are OK in Viet Nam, or > wherever “the edge” has lead you. Keep photos coming, > update us on the Pho, and blog damnit, I wanna see some > pictures of burgers and beer!

I knew something was missing!

> I won't go into every song as it plays, but the coffee > is cooling down and “Twist And Shout” just came > on. Lennon's voice is so cool on this. It's like he's > actually yelling the lyrics, not “fake yelling” you > hear in a lot of music.

<reverential hush>

> But, also, I need to make a deliberate effort to get in > more cardio.

I honestly thought I read 'audio' instead of 'cardio', probably due to recent posts of yours including gear description.

> Chislic shank tongue, doner spare ribs tri-tip pork loin > venison cow chicken strip steak. Alcatra pork short loin > rump pork belly, chuck t-bone picanha chislic pork chop > salami cow bacon meatball. Sausage filet mignon shank > alcatra pork beef ribs meatloaf chislic venison turducken > short loin ground round. Filet mignon ground round > hamburger kevin turducken. Leberkas corned beef brisket > pancetta pork loin, alcatra hamburger beef ribs flank beef > fatback turducken pastrami. Strip steak pork belly fatback > pork tail buffalo beef ribs corned beef ground round.

That's one way to possibly piss off the non-dead-animal contingent in these parts! :–)

> I just finished making an epic veggie quinoa dish.

And of course there's a veggie post immediately after so meatly a post! :–)

> I turned this blog to private for awhile. Wrote on [my > micro.blog](mpmilestogo.micro.blog). Still have it. Then > I decided to get rid of the custom domain. Then I turned > it back on. For a day or so I waffled back and forth on > writing at all. After some reflection, I decided to turn > the blog back on and f**k with DNS and let my domain > propagate itself back here.

Yeah...... plenty to do online that isn't actually writing. Glad to be done with it, accepting whatever will be on the read.write.as feed and, increasingly, Midnight Pub.